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What people are saying about SCORE

“Worth every penny!….Pound-for-pound the best CME for your clinical team to hone their emergency management and communication skills!”

Dr. Ian Wagg MD CFPC(FPA)
Family Practice Anesthetist/Hospital Inpatient Care
Midland, Ontario

“I really benefited from the SCORE course. Even though I am not frequently doing acute care medicine, I learned some really valuable communication skills that I will apply to medical and personal situations. I learned some pearls about being a good leader…I also learned a lot of really good medicine! I would recommend this course to family doctors, as much as I would hospitalists and ER doctors.“

Dr. Karin Euler MD
Family Physician (Office/Inpatient)
Clarksburg, Ontario

“Jesse Guscott is a gifted educator – the perfect blend of knowledge, passion, ‘in the trenches’ experience and teaching prowess.  His sessions are always time very well spent”

Dr. Arun Sayal CFPC(EM)
ER Physician/Educator 
Medical Director, CASTED and HIC
Toronto, Ontario

“One of the challenges in rural medicine is that we don’t see these crises frequently enough to become comfortable. Participating in multiple SCORE neonatal simulation experiences has given me the confidence to join my hospital’s neonatal care roster and has provided CRM skills that I can apply to any type of crisis”

Dr. Kate Coulson MD CFPC
Family Physician (Office/Inpatient/Neonatal Care)
Wasaga Beach, Ontario

I just wanted to thank you and your team for putting on a phenomenal course yesterday. This was one of the most needed, well-delivered, and organized CME activities that I have attended, and I spoke with my residents how I felt they would really benefit from it as much as I have.

Dr. Firas Al-Dhaher
Family Physician (Office/ER/Inpatient)
Petrolia Site Director, UWO Family Medicine Residency