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Theatre Simulation

Theatre based simulation using “high fidelity” mannequins and simulated patients and team members, offers unique learning opportunities. A bank of developed simulation scenarios is used and scenarios can be modified to fit identified learning needs. The simulation scenarios can illuminate specific technical and non technical skills as required.  Cases have been developed in Cardiac and Respiratory resuscitation, Trauma resuscitation, Neonatal resuscitation, Medical and Toxicological emergencies and Anesthetic emergencies. Simulations consist of 10 to 20 minute scenarios followed by a 30-45 minute debriefing session in which skilled debriefers work with participants to identify the non-technical and technical factors illuminated by the scenario .  Debriefers facilitate introspection and reflection from the participants so that they may identify their own areas for improvement.  Debriefers are able to connect the participants observations to Crisis Resource Management theory and can draw from the coaching sessions to provide concrete strategies for skills development.