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Crisis Resource Management Coaching

Crisis Resource Management (CRM) is the term used to describe the non-technical skills essential to producing optimal team performance in high stakes endeavours. CRM coaching sessions provide participants with CRM themes, taxonomy and case vignettes in order to facilitate discussions exploring CRM challenges. As these challenges are identified by the participants, coaches provide concrete strategies for improving performance in the non-technical task being explored.  Participants will then have a framework on which to build during their simulation sessions.  Learners will be able to make connections back to their coaching sessions during their simulation debriefing.  Previously unperceived needs will be identified during simulation sessions. These can serve to prime the participants, providing substrate for reflection in subsequent coaching sessions.

Module Coaching Session Theme
1Introduction to Crisis Resource Management
2Management of Self
3Situational Awareness
6Task Management
7Team Communication
8Decision Making
9Anticipation and Planning
10CRM in airway management
11Managing your environment
12Post incident debriefing