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COVID-19 Airway Guidance

As we all attempt to accumulate as much information as we can to prepare our approach to the COVID-19 situation, I have prepared an airway guidance document for my own institution. It covers some of the logistic and clinical questions being pondered by those preparing to manage the airways of COVID-19 patients. In normal circumstances, I would have such a document vetted and reviewed by peers before presenting it for circulation. These are not normal circumstances. It is an imperfect document that grows and changes almost hourly but I present it here in the hopes that someone might find it useful.

Please take care of yourselves as you take care of others,


March 26 UPDATE-Important revisions to the section on Preoxygenation/reoxygenation based on expert opinion from airway and critical care sources.

The guidance document is now split into a Guidance Document and a Clinical Reference. The guidance document is intended to provoke discussion and thought while the Clinical Reference is intended to be a bedside

March 19 UPDATE-Revisions to the sections on Preoxygenation and PPE, numerous references added, Equipment Checklist added, ARDS net tables removed due to formatting issues. Major Edits in Blue Font