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April 22nd SCORE Needs Assessment

Very UncomfortableSomewhat UncomfortableNeutralSomewhat ComfortableVery Comfortable
Act as an effective leader in crisis
Act as an effective helper in crisis
Maintain effective situational awareness in crisis
Make effective decisions in crisis
Communicate effectively in crisis
Manage your stress in crisis
Prioritize and manage tasks in crisis
Anticipate and plan in crisis
Manage your environment in crisis
Debrief your team following a critical incident
Not at all helpfulNot Very HelpfulNeutralHelpfulVery Helpful
Deliberate practice for high quality Neonatal Resuscitation
Improving first pass intubation success
Emergency Front of the Neck Airway
Chest Tube Insertion
Central lines and IO access
Bipap and Ventilators in the first hour
Management of the contaminated airway
Ultrasound guided nerve blocks
Awake intubation techniques
Deliberate practice for difficult airway algorithm
Not at all helpfulNot very helpfulNeutralHelpfulVery Helpful
Medical Emergency
Respiratory Emergency
Trauma Emergency
Airway Emergency
Pediatric Emergency
Toxicologic Emergency
Anesthetic Emergency
Cardiac Emergency
Neonatal Emergency